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Cookery Demonstration


Rate: USD 80 Nett per person

Approximate time for the entire experience: 4 to 5 hours

Learn to cook a healthy and tasty authentic Sri Lankan menu in that perfect little kitchen We start this beautiful experience with us taking you to the local market in Sigiriya.

Here, we will show you some of the favorite local vegetables and how to choose fresh vegetables and fish.

While learning, you will be helping our Chef to prepare

Either meat , fish or poultry (per choice of guest)

4 to 5 kinds of vegetables prepared to Sri Lankan taste

We will also demonstrate,

Preparing kewum and kokis (Sri Lankan sweetmeats)

While our chef is mainly conducting, ladies from the village will also demonstrate certain cooking styles.

The preparation and the serving of this menu will be in a place especially designed to offer you an authentic model of Sri Lankan kitchen you may find in Sigiriya and in rural areas.

You will also be able to taste the following

6 kinds of pickles / fried dry chili / dry fish and other condiments

Local desserts – pre prepared

Helapa / lavariya / wandu / walithalapa / wella wehum (pan cake)

seasonal fresh fruits

you will witness a typical Sri Lankan ways of working in a kitchen.

A lady bring water in a ‘’kalaya’’

Paddy or rice blowing with ‘’kulla’’

Pound in a mortar

Grinding on a grinding stone and Coconut scraping