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Welcome to the Elephant Corridor

Community Empowerment

Elephant Corridor has participated in many projects aiding community development.

Some include:

We identified schools that did not have proper resources and invited them to the hotel for a day. We educated them in the day to day operation of a hotel and taught them about the hotel trade. We gave opportunities and advice to students who were interested in joining the hotel trade in the future.

Elephant Corridor has donated necessary school books and stationery to children from nearby villages who do not have the resources to purchase these items and attend school.

For the hotel's annual anniversary, Elephant Corridor supplies lunch and dry rations to people from nearby villages.

Elephant Corridor conducts workshops to educate the local people about the environment, their role in it and how we are all affected by pollution and global warming.

Elephant Corridor sponsor many blood donation programmes that are conducted at the hotel.

Elephant Corridor hosted a workshop conducted by Professor Anslem De Silva about herpetology and how we should protect the the amphibians in our surroundings.

Elephant Corridor joined hands with the Shramadhan campaign to rebuild some of the damaged Sigiriya walls.