Elephant Corridor Hotel enforces environmentally friendly practices and we are proud to say that not a single tree was cut down during the construction of the hotel. Our rooms were also built to preserve the natural environment surrounding it.


During construction, the main goal of the Elephant Corridor project was to ensure that the natural landscape surrounding the hotel remained unchanged. Disruption of nature was kept to a minimum and trees were not cut during the construction process. As you walk along the picturesque paths at Elephant Corridor you will cross many suspension bridges; these were built to ensure that the natural streams continue to flow without disturbance.


Motorized traffic is not allowed onto the hotel grounds to minimise its impact on nature and to also ensure absolute silence for our guests. Instead visitors are encouraged to use the electric golf cart or bicycles to travel about the premises.


The unique furniture used to decorate the premises was made with re-used jak timber by the local craftsmen who live in the nearby villages. The pieces of furniture revolve around a “natural” theme; the glass topped tables in the reception area and the suites are filled with exotic seeds, spices and bark of various kinds.


Thousands of gallons of water and detergent are consumed daily for laundry. Guests are urged to use the bath towels more than once to minimise the wastage of resources. If towels are placed on the floor they will be replaced and if towels are on the rack, housekeeping will assume that you are willing to re-use. A similar concept applies to the bed sheets; you can request for a change in sheets or have the bed remade with the same sheets.

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